The Responsible Person:

“Is this really all my responsibility?”


• Yes, As the Responsible Person, you must comply with Articles 8 to 22 and 38 of the Fire Safety Order and any regulations made under article 24 as relevant, which set out how you ensure fire safety throughout your premises including a requirement to complete a fire risk assessment.

• Ensuring fire doors are up to standard is a valuable task that should not be underestimated. After installation, fire doors should be inspected regularly (minimum of 6 monthly inspections) or more frequently depending on your fire risk assessment, to make sure they are always ready to perform as intended.

• Duty Holders are responsible to comply with the Fire Safety Order to the extent of their obligation. Your responsibilities will depend on the circumstances and level of control you have over the premises. Contracts and tenancy agreements set out may detail these responsibilities, but you should check this:

• If you’re known as the ‘responsible person’ and if there’s more than one responsible person, you must work together to meet your responsibilities.

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