“No budget in place
to manage our
fire door stock.”

• Article 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states it is a legal requirement to ensure all fire and escape doors are correctly installed and adequately maintained.

• The easiest way to identify a fire door is by looking for the mandatory signage: either sticker or pin. These are usually placed in the side of the door blade (hinge side) or top of the door blade.

• Under the Fire Safety Order 2005, the responsible person of the building/s should carry out regular checks of the fire doors within your premises to ensure fire doors are repaired and maintained as fit for purpose.

• Checks like, identifying hazards, deciding who might be harmed and how, evaluating the risks and decide on precautions, recording your findings, and implement them, review your risk assessment and update, if necessary are 5 ways easy steps to maintaining your fire doors.

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