“I was told all our doors were FD 30’s?”

• Fire doors can be identified by a pin or label on the top (or hinge side) to indicate they are a fully certified fire door.

• FD30 fire doors have been engineered and built to withstand a fire for a solid 30 minutes, whereas FD60 fire doors are able to prevent the spread of a fire for 60 minutes.

• An FD30 fire door is fire resistant up to a minimum of 30 minutes, whereas an FD30S fire door is fire resistant up to a minimum of 30 minutes AND smoke resistant. The additional S in the rating indicates smoke resistant.

• If your door has a glazed panel(s) within it, the glass must be fire rated. Fire rated glass will be indicated by an etched mark 'BS476:22'. If the glazing does not have this it's unlikely that the fire door will be compliant.

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