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Contactless Check Solutions mobile fire door inspection app for social housing, hospitals, hotels, public buildings, offices, schools and universities

Fire Door App

Contactless Check Solutions (CCS) is a fire door management system that comprises of a cloud based fire door app and desktop dashboard. The system manages a fire doors lifecycle from start to finish, manufacture to replacement and documents everything in between helping the responsible person manage, inspect and maintain fire doors in accordance with current UK fire door regulations.

Contactless Check Solutions fire door management system has carried out 3.2 million checks to date in the UK using the fire door app.

Why Trust in CCS

Developed in 2018, CCS is the original fire door compliance management system. With over 4.9 million checks carried out on the system already, CCS is proven to be the trusted solution that businesses are turning to across the UK.


A simple but thorough method to record the entire history of a fire door to ensure you comply with new and existing Fire Door Regulations.


Are you a Fire Door Manufacturer, installer, inspector, maintainer or client/landlord?
CCS is the Fire Door  Compliance Management System for you.

4.9 Million Checks

Fire Door Manufacturer

Fire Door Manufacturer

Fire Door Installer

Fire Door Installer

fire door management system

End Client

Fire door inspection

Fire Door Inspector

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